Elleing resting at Galehead Hut with Galedhead nearby and Garfield in the distance.jpg

Galehead (4024')

2004 September 25


Our trip to the summit of Galehead was another hike that exceeded our expectations. We were going to hike the Wildcats but the weather didn't look too promising in that area, so we opted for a trip up Galehead. The weather held for the entire day and the hike was far more scenic that I realized.

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The Gale River trail had excellent footing as it followed the Gale river upstream. In many places, recently fallen maple leaves colored an otherwise unremarkable trail. We crossed over the river a number of times and stopped at a view point that faces North Twin Mountain. We enjoyed our trip to the summit almost as much as the summit itself.

gale_river.jpg gale_river_pan.jpg

Prior to the summit is Galehead hut. There's a very nice view down Twin Brook Valley towards Owl's Head. North and South Twin, Garfield, and Galehead are all visible from this location. The leaves were changing and the weather was perfect to just hang around and relax a little.

elleing_at_hut.jpg galehead.jpg helipad.jpg

The climb to Galehead summit is short but a little steep. We stopped at an outlook on the way up, aware that the summit is totally viewless. It was a decent view back towards the hut and into the valley from that vantage point, so we spent a few more minutes taking it in. We reached the summit a few minutes later, took the requisite summit photos, and headed back down.

galehead_hut.jpg elleing_on_summit.jpg shawn_on_summit.jpg

We stopped at the hut and the outlook on the Gale River trail on the way down and made it home in time for a night at the movies. 10.2 miles, 2450 feet, 6 hours and 30 minutes.

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