cairn on south peak

Cardigan (3155')
Firescrew (3064')
South Peak (2864')

2004 August 14

Lacking, the sufficient will
To scale, a towering hill
We loaded the car, and traveled not far
Mount Cardigan would fit the bill


Choosing, the shortest trail there
To take, us into the air
We started a pace, to that high place
Where surroundings soon would be bare


And soon, cameth the summit
Too quick, seemed we had done it
Spying Lake Newfound, peaks and vales abound
We sat on cliffs carved in granite

tower newfound_lake

Thus passed, score moments or two
We pressed, to bag Firescrew
Just above tree line, the walking's divine
So another high point would do


At half, hike's enormity
Amends, made with gravity
We started on back, along a new track
Avoiding some duplicity


Easy, the path we did go
Made long, than first we did know
End of brief descent, yet muscles all spent
If fly, could I, I'd have done so



Cardigan is about 3.0 miles and 1205 feet up from the West Ridge trail lot, round trip.
Firescrew adds about 1.2 miles and 219 feet of elevation, round trip.
South Peak adds about 0.3 miles and 64 feet of elevation.
Total for this hike was about 4.5 miles and 1488 feet of elevation gain.
Didn't keep track of the time but it was probably a 3.5 hour hike.
The Dartmouth Outing Club has a good write-up on the Cardigan and South Peak loop. (Same route as ours minus the Firescrew trip.)