feeding the juncos

Waumbek (4006')

2003 July 26

Many say that Waumbek is the easiest of the 4000 footers. I thought about this as Elleing and I climbed the Starr King trail and I realized something; there aren't any easy 4000 footers. But, the climb to the summit of Waumbek does get much easier as you go along. The trail starts climbing right away and the grade got more gentle as we approached the summit of Starr King. From that summit, it is an easy ridge walk to the summit of Waumbek. It probably really is the easiest of the 4's and we were up in 2 hours and done in 3.5 hours.

We had lunch on Starr King which has the best views. What this means is that you can see more of the sky here than anywhere else along the hike. There's also a grill/fireplace that seems very out of place on the summit. Waumbek's summit, like the trail getting there, is treed in. Since there's little attraction to this mountain, most of the people on the trail are peakbaggers. Everyone we met would laugh because the hike is so short and uneventful and they would just be happy to get it off the list.

starr_king_summit.jpg Shawn on Waumbek summit. elleing on Waumbek

For us, it worked out well. We woke up late after a late night and started north without much care if we hiked or not. We headed to Waumbek because it's easier and the trees would shelter us from the 80 degree temps.

The highlight of the trip was the birds. I believe they are junco's but could be wrong. Nonetheless, these mountain pigeons are tenacious scavengers and we had them eating out of our hands. I was surprised to have them land on my hand, stare at me, pick up the food, and stare at me some more before flying off.

Elleing holding junco Shawn holding junco

We certainly don't have any plans to hike Waumbek again. That's nineteen down (14 this year) only twenty-nine more to go!

What are the mysterious lines in this pictures? I didn't know, but when I showed Elleing, she knew right away. She took the pic. The lines are her hair. Funny, that never happens when I use the camera.

What are those mysterious lines in the pic?  Elleing's hair!

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