Tuckermans Ravine

Mount Washington (6288')

"Mount Washington presents the most severe combinations of wind, cold, icing and storminess available anywhere in the world where people are on hand to take measurements. The summit lies in the path of the principal storm tracks and air mass routes affecting the northeastern United States, and it is, because of its elevation, biologically and ecologically similar to the subarctic zone."

More than 128 people have died in this area since 1849. People have frozen to death hiking Mt. Washington in August. It pays to be prepared when hiking this (or any) mountain. An excellent book, "Not Without Peril" by Nick Howe, details 150 years of misadventures on Mt. Washington and the Presidential Range. I read it in July 2003 after bumping into Nick Howe on the trail and suggest that any new hiker make his book a required read.

Some Statistics:

2002 August 31

Our first 6000 footer.

We didn't plan on going after a 6000 footer so soon, but the Lafayette-Lincoln hike went so well, we decided to give it a go. This was a great hike and the weather was awesome. The fog that rolled in an out of Tuckerman's while we climbed added to the effect. We took the Tuckerman's route and had lunch in Tuckerman's before climbing the headwall and continuing to the summit. Overall, we loved the trip up, but we weren't too enthisiastic about the summit. I think the presence of cars at the summit kills it for us. With this peak in the bag, I'm sure we'll be going to less crowded summits in the future.

Once again, the hiking (ski) poles proved very useful. We'll pick up a real set ASAP. I'll be looking for some with rubber tips to minimize damage and protect eyeballs.

The hiking around the summit is fantastic and we look forward to doing more.

Trailhead_marker.jpg Crystal_cascades.jpg elleing_at_cascades.jpg tuck_meadow.jpg shawn_at_tuck_meadow.jpg tuck_ravine_brook.jpg elleing_break_near_headwall.jpg shawn_break_near_headwall.jpg tuck_headwall_2.jpg summit_feet.jpg moto-tourists_mob_summit.jpg tourists_mob_summit_2.jpg cog_rail.jpg building_chained.jpg elleing_on_headwall_trail.jpg tip_top_house.jpg wind_record_plaque.jpg

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