Lafayette view, east

Lafayette- Lincoln Loop

Lafayette (5260') - Lincoln (5089')

2002 August 24

This was our first big hike of 2002. We had spent the year living in Boston and wanted to take advantage of our weekends there. On top of that, we had been away on vacation for at least 5 of the weekends. When we finally decided to go hiking in the whites, we wanted to get right back into it and this seemed like a great place to start. This hike would give us 2 more 4000 foot summits and our first 5000 footer. We Hiked Lafayette via the Old Bridle Path and continued on to Lincoln. We were surprised at the relative ease of the hike. The trail is very forgiving and the Greenleaf Hut at 4200' makes for a convenient lunch stop.

elleing_below_3_miseries.jpg elleing_at_greenleaf_hut.jpg hut_welcome_sign.jpg shawn_at_hut.jpg

We continued, now above treeline, past the hut and the Eagle Lakes to the summit. Lafayette's summit had incredible views. The weather let up enough for us to make out Washington in the distance, even with rain visibly dripping from the clouds. I was able to take a digital panorama and it does a nice job of conveying the experience. In the pic, Washington is clearly visible and I believe plumes of smoke from the cog railway are as well. After taking some pics and admiring the view, we hid out in the foundation for a few minutes to escape the wind and cold.

eagle_lakes.jpg lafayette_summit_trail_marker.jpg foundation_on_summmit.jpg on_lafayette_summit.jpg

As I (re)write this for the HTML-based journal I'm putting together, it is 2003 June 02 and I'm noticing more in the pictures than I knew at the time. To the west, Lonesome Lake and the Lonesome Lake hut sits beneath the Kinmans with Moosilauke in the distance. Cannon, it's cliff from which the Old Man recently departed, and the summit buildings are also clearly visible. To the east, Owl's head and the Bond's and Washington off in the distance.

west_from_franconia_ridge.jpg lafayette_place_parking.jpg franconia_ridge_trail_from_lafayette.jpg

We hiked Lincoln as part of the Lafayette loop. Like the Flume-Liberty loop, we were glad we continued with the loop. This was our first cold ridge with gore-tex coats and the benefit was much appreciated. The weather was a bit uncooperative but we were more prepared than ever. Our experience on Franconia Ridge last year helped quite a bit. This time we had some real food, waterproof and breatheable shells, and comfortable footwear. We reached Lincoln despite bitter winds, rain, and cold and added gloves to our list of things to bring above treeline. Once again, the on-again, off-again weather cooperated and I was able to piece together a full although imperfect 360deg. panorama from the Lincoln summit.


The Franconia Ridge trail continues over Little Haystack's non-qualified peak, where we turn east and head down the Falling Waters trail. I'm also now aware that the water falls on the Falling Water Trail have names, but I can't place them to the pics, too bad.

falling_waters1.jpg falling_waters2.jpg falling_waters3.jpg falling_waters4.jpg

This was our first hike with hiking (ski) poles which may have contributed to the perceived ease of the hike. Anyway we used ski poles as a test to see if it was worth it and agreed that it was, especially on decents.

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