Haxnbauer Restaurant, Munich, Germany.  I love this place.  Yes, that's a huge piece of pork.  Yes, I ate it all.


We love to go out to eat as much as we love to prepare our own food. I don't know how many restaurants I've been to but it's in the thousands. I get asked for recommendations all the time, but I'm reluctant to comply. It's a tricky thing to pull off. There is no restaurant that gets it right every time, so you always run the risk of having someone report back that they didn't like it. Actually, it's highly likely, since it seems most people are more interested in finding faults than things they like, at least around here. Cooks change, management changes, and new restaurants open all the time. It's a moving target. Perhaps I'll add more to this space in the future. For now, I'll keep my notes to myself and those who contact me looking for something specifc.