Elleing taxis back after her first solo flight.

Elleing's Flying

Elleing's Quest for Flight

Elleing's interest in flying began in high school where she did flight navigation for Air Force ROTC and participated in such things as mid-air refueling. Although always something she intended to do, it wasn't until December 20, 2003 that Elleing made her first assisted flight with Executive Flyers Aviation at Hanscom Field in Bedford, MA. It wasn't long afterwards that Elleing began taking regular lessons. Her quest for flight reached a pivotal moment on November 12, 2004 when she made her first solo flights consisting of three consecutive takeoffs and landings. Since then, Elleing has been taking aerobatics lessons in a Decathlon aerobatics trainer and can be seen flying upside down over parts of central Massachusetts.

Elleing's First Solo - November 12, 2004

It was exciting seeing Elleing fly the Cessna while her instructor and I waited on the tarmac. I thought back to the hours of flight instruction and seemingly endless ground school material that she had to learn. I never realized how much information there is to absorb, yet as I sat there listening to the air traffic band on the radio, Elleing blended in with the rest of the pilots like a seasoned professional.

Holding at runway edge. on the runway. takeoff. gaining altitude.

Elleing banked to the south shortly after takeoff and quickly flew out of view. I sat in a Cessna with her instructor, Forest, listening to Elleing talk with the Air Traffic Control Tower while we waited for her to return and land.

on approach . . . getting closer . . . closer . . . touchdown!

Elleing had a successful landing and completed her first solo flight. There will be many more to come as she works towards her private pilot license. She departed again from the runway to perform 2 more landings before taxiing to where we waited.

Touch and go and she's . . . off_again.jpg taxi.jpg

Elleing's First Lesson - December 20, 2003

Elleing first went up with an instructor at Hanscom Field in December of 2003. She took the controls from the moment we got in the plane. Her instructor coached her through taxi and takeoff and we flew around the Bedford area while going through some basic maneuvers. Needless to say, Elleing was hooked. At the time of that first lesson, neither one of us ever expected that she'd fly her flying solo less than a year later. She didn't start taking regular flying lessons until the Spring of 2004 but still wound up flying solo on November 12, 2004.

Cessna. Elleing taxis. Elleing takes off. Approaching Hanscom.

The view:

Elleing's view. View of Boston. Hanscom field just after takoff. Hanscom field from altitude.

A Cessna 172s instrument console:

Cessna instruments. A cessna 172s instrument cluster.